Karunalayam Rural Welfare Society started in 1994. The society is registered as a non-government, non-political, non-profitable non-religious social service organization. It promotes Women Self Help Groups, rural health awareness programs, vocational training programs, education and a career guideline for youth. For the past 13 years, the goal has been empowering the weaker sections of the society such as women, children, disabled and old age people in the Ariyankuppam Block. The activities that have been carried out by us are for the welfare of the women in Nettapakkam and the surrounding villages.


    Our aim is to empower rural women through group organization and training in an integrated program of women development.

  • To reduce the burden of disease by providing affordable, appropriate and sustainable health care.
  • To demystify and transfer knowledge and skill to women volunteers from the villages.
  • To reduce the burden of debt on the poor and to build a sustainablebanking program managed by women
  • To encourage and enable self management processes towards achieving sustainability and empowerment of communities.
  • To promote environmental and social development in the villages.


An equitable and just society, free of the imbalance of haves and have-nots that lives in peace and harmony is the vision of Karunalayam Rural Welfare Society.


                   Sustainable development of the communities to achieve all the social, human, physical, natural and financial capitals for a sustainable livelihood by a self help and self development process.