1. Women Empowerment:
  • Group formation
  • Group Loan Distribution
  • Women Federation
  • Training for grassroots
  • Women issues
    • Domestic violence Act-2005
    • POCSO Act- 2012
    • To protect girl child from female foeticide and infanticide
  1. Rural Awareness Programme:
  • Youth parliament awareness programme
  • Cadres Training Programme
  1. Environment Programmes:
  • Awareness about Environment
  • Clean India Programme
  • Distribution of Tree Sampling
  • Tree Plantation
  1. Health & Hygiene :
  • Tengu Fever awareness Programme
  • Nutrition
  • Sanitation
  • First – Aid
  • Doctor Check -up
  • Medicine Distribution
  • School first-aid treatment
  1. Family Counseling Center &Psychological Services
  • Importance of the FCC and problems handled
  • Sub-committee meeting
  • Orientation and awareness programmes for the FCC staff
  • Cooperation with Kiran Bedi
  • Family counseling
  • Awareness Programme
  • Client meeting
  • School Pre-marital counseling
  • Field visit
  1. Skill Development Training:
  • Bathi Making
  • Coir training
  • Tailoring
  • Computer Education
  • Aari work Training
  • Phenyl, soap-oil, cleaning powder
  1. Children Education
  • Crèches
  • Extra Curricular activities
  1. Volunteer Visit:
  • Field Work Trainees
  • Abroad Volunteers
  1. Karunalayam Evening School
  • School full view
  • Nutrition distribution

Women Empowerment:

We started by KRWS in 2003  has proven to be sustainable and replicable. It has expanded every year. For Women Empowerment, we provided loan for sustainability in the society. They should empower from the society. Through this loan, they develop their business and some of them were getting training from us for that they empowered.

Self- Help Group Formation meeting:

          The women were formed a Self-Help Group with 12 to 20 members. In this the women have savings and Credit programme with suitable banks.

Credit Linkage with Banks

There are 290 Self Help Groups with a total number of 5800 female members. A total number of 290 groups has been credit linked to the bank with a credit facility. Also,the SHG members utilized their opportunities to implement income generation activities and a day-to-day turnover in small entrepreneurships activities. The members of the SHGs were very interested to involve in their own business. They implemented nursery units, vegetable selling,idly and baji shops, some fruit, flower, fish & dry fish provision stores and general stores for fancies, cosmetics and fancy jewels. Goat rearing, dairy farming, selling clothes, tailoring machines, the credit and savings assistance was very useful. They were able to increase their daily income.

For Women Empowerment, we are providing loans for sustainability in the society. The women should empower from the society. Through the loans, they can develop their businesses. To empower the women, we gave training to some of them.

Women Federation:

        We have a women federation named “Karunalayam Women Federation”. In that federation, many groups and members were involved. Some of the members were getting loans from this federation. Most of them benefitted through this.